Printed Kerings with Engraved Backing

We are proudly introduce these to the market .You can print your image in to the front of the keyring and the back of the keyring  we can engrave your text /artwork or even a picture. Prints are HD quality and engraving is very hi quality too. We use cutting-edge  technology to  print and engrave […]

Wallet Phone Cases with Card Inserts

Flip Wallet phone cases are very popular as they gives a extra protection to the phone while giving you a stylish unique look .You can send your image , or images to print as a collage .We printed them in very good quality and the prints are scratch resistant and directly printed to the surface […]

Full Wrap Printed Backing Cases

You can have a backing case fully printed with your picture design giving your phone a unique look .Our full-wrap printed case are very hi quality .Prints are vibrant and keep the best colours .Prints goes directly to the plastic backing cases , it’s permanent and will not scratch easily .Image will print in HD […]

Printed Gift House , Instagram account created

Please visit our instagram page you can see some of our products done for customers . We are aiming to show our beautiful works by posting images whenever possible .Please help us grow by sharing our images on your Instagram and Facebook pages and also get a chance to win a stunning gift every month […]